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Interstellar defence troops is finally released

Interstellar defence troops is finally released, it's a space tower defence game. Check it out at http://www.wiraingames.com/ follow me on twitter or become a fan on facebook
Game features
  • Dynamic furious gameplay
  • Enthralling game modes
  • RTS and free look camera modes
  • The beauty of endless space
  • Pleasant, atmospheric music
  • Stunning space adventure

Here are some screenshots from the game, hope you'll like it.

Full controll over the battle with free look camera. Classic RTS camera is also available.
Massive interstellar warfare. Lots of spaceships, fighters and towers. Tonnes of rockets and death laser rays.
Challange yourself in a fantastic stellar warfare, explore the beauty of endless space and hostile stars.

Pleasant atmospheric music, challanging, furious gameplay, dynamic game modes and much more with Interstellar defence troopshttp://www.wiraingames.com/

Want more? Look for Winter rain games on twitter and facebook

Winter rain games - Interstellar defence troops - Tower defence
Feel free to buy it! It's only 10$

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