воскресенье, 6 ноября 2011 г.

Interstellar defence troops update

A new update of Interstellar defence troops was released a few days back. Feel free to check it out @ http://www.wiraingames.com/
Here are some screenshots and information about it.


1. New special effects: explosions, rocket trails, weapon missiles...

2.  Added game tutorial.

3.  Added game bonuses (double damage, fire rate, orbital strike ...).  

4.  Added game speed time control (faster, slower, pause).  


5.  Major changes to UI. New shortcuts, GUI is more clear now.  

6.  Added a new tower. 

7.  Major gameplay changes

8.  Game backgrounds are modified.

9.  Lots of minor changes to increase usability.

Want more? Look for Winter rain games on twitter and facebook

Winter rain games - Interstellar defence troops - Tower defence
Feel free to buy it! It's only 10$

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