воскресенье, 22 января 2012 г.

Interstellar defence troops update.

New update of Interstellar defence troops includes some major features, lots of minor improvements and bug fixes.


A new game mode: Battles
24 missions in 3 sectors will be available for you in this game mode. The difficulty of every mission will grow and you will get different bonuses for the successful completion. These bonuses can help you in accomplishing the future missions.

Other features:
  • Game bonus buttons are now highlighted when bonuses are ready to be used
  • Research button is highlighted when researches are available
  • Towers with active bonuses, such as 'damage', 'fire rate', 'defence' are highlighted.
  • Default camera option is added (Free/RTS)
  • New game sounds (Button click, Upgrade, Building confirmed, Error)
  • 'Sell' button is added

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