среда, 1 февраля 2012 г.

IDT update & reviews

Hello everyone,
I've got some news,
  • A new update of Interstellar defence troops is released, you can get it here http://www.wiraingames.com/  Demo time limit is increased, camera type is defaulted to RTS mode (more usable) 
  • Gamers Armada have made a review video of Interstellar defence troops 

And here is the list of Interstellar defence troops reviews
  • Geek Preview - "There's tons of room for playing the game again and again and it definitely brought something new to the table!"
  • Gamers Armada - "Interstellar Defense Troops by Winter Rain Games is a classic game with a slightly different twist"
  • True PC Gaming - "It is a challenging, polished, and addicting little gem that’s well worth playing"
  • Brash Games - "Set against the gorgeous backdrops of endless star fields, vast planets and dotted with asteroids, IDT presents yet another twist on tower defence"
  • Page of reviews - "Winter Rain Games offers up a title that not is only challenging, but a variation on a tired formula"
  • SpaceSimCentral - A short overview of Interstellar defence troops from SpaceSimCentral
  • Real Gaming Network TV - A few words about IDT by Real Gaming Network TV

Look for Winter rain games on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

Winter rain games - Interstellar defence troops @ http://www.wiraingames.com/

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